An Open Question Regarding Female Friendships

An Open Question Regarding Female FriendshipsDo ALL packs of girlfriends, when convening as a group for the first time in a long time, immediately dispose of bras or bikini tops or any other clothing apparatus that shields ones’ bare breasts? Do they all also immediately dispose of any semblance of sobriety, reaching for Coronas and spiked lemonades and shots of tequila as soon as the hello hugs are out of the way? Do they cancel any and all scheduled dinners or activities that would otherwise require covering up said breasts and/or ceasing to consume vast amounts of alcohol and pot and ciggies in a teepee? Just curious.

Oh, Hi!

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According to WordPress, our last post was just under three years ago. THREE YEARS. So, hi. Since then, well. Ariel had Kai, who you all surely know from Instagram if not in real life, and she’s about to have ANOTHER boy in August! (Jeez Louise!) (Joking!) I FINALLY jumped on the baby bandwagon and along came little Bailey Boo this past March.* Our once-vast circle of friends in the city has shrunk considerably, as babies and job offers and sunny locales beckoned, and we are both kind of figuring out where to go next as new-ish parents who still like to play as hard as we work but aren’t quite sure what, exactly, said “work” should be. This is starting to read like a yearly Christmas card letter but the point is that so much has changed (but stayed the same!) that it is only natural we do now as we did when we last felt a bit drift-y and unsure but inspired: Turn to 12thanda — as the “blog”, yes, but mostly as the mindset of the two maniacs who once lived there. Infused this time around, of course, with the sage knowledge and world experience we’ve gleaned in the meantime. Ha. In other words? STAY TUNED, Y’ALL.

*Required footnote acknowledging that OF COURSE everyone and anyone reading this knows all of this, but nonetheless.

this: behind the scenes of the romeo & juliet pool scene.


the neon lights and oversized angel wings and glow-in-the-dark Mother Marys and illicit meetings in the night all but personified the dramatic inner-workings of 15-year-old me, who saw it in the theater with all her best pals so many years ago. and promptly died and cried and thought about nothing else for weeks (months, years) after. as i did when i came across this juicy clip on into the gloss.