The Best Thing Someone Said When I Was Chasing Down A Paycheck


This recurring feature was born out of a combination of the two of us looking for near-constant validation and advice from one another and finding that that quest is one of the benchmarks of female friendship, plus learning that a healthy dose of Googling “what to say when ___” and “what to do when ___” was coming up short in terms of helpful advice.

The most loathsome, hideous part of being a freelancer is trying to get paid. Why is it that I’m always delivering my work on time and never getting paid on time, I often ask anyone who will listen.

One such time, I turned to my best friend and business partner, the other half of this blog — Miss Nicole Michele Boucher — and she had the best, most succinct thing to say. Whereas I’ve always sent long, rambling, borderline apologetic emails inquiring about the status of a late payment, she advised me to be succinct and forward and strong.

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