Fall Mom Bag


With two deep exterior pockets and a hidden zippered one, drawstring AND buckle closures, adjustable straps and a bangin’ leopard design in washable canvas, this $38 Baggu backpack*** is my Fall #mombag wet dream. And I brought it home a day before Fall officially starts, so don’t say I’m not on top of it.

***FOR SOME GD REASON GOOGLE IS BREAKING THE DIRECT LINK TO THE BACKPACK. So anyone who wants this backpack (and who WOULDN’T) should MANUALLY head over to the Urban Outfitters site to get it. Thank you and goodbye.

oh, hello.

oh, hello.

would you believe me if i said that this image of a Rochas boot is the first and only thing that has inspired me to post ANYTHING since MARCH 6 (in which i promised you guys WE WOULDN’T DISAPPOINT YOU?) #awkward

this boot is everything. sleek black, chunky heeled, ankle-height, snakeskin perfection. it’s Fall and it’s glam and it’s just retro enough. also, i’m pregnant with a baby boy due in december, ethan moved in with us in brooklyn, we moved to south slope, and i lost and regained my job. BYE!*

*not for over 6 months again, i promise for real.