The Best Thing Someone Said When I Was Chasing Down A Paycheck


This recurring feature was born out of a combination of the two of us looking for near-constant validation and advice from one another and finding that that quest is one of the benchmarks of female friendship, plus learning that a healthy dose of Googling “what to say when ___” and “what to do when ___” was coming up short in terms of helpful advice.

The most loathsome, hideous part of being a freelancer is trying to get paid. Why is it that I’m always delivering my work on time and never getting paid on time, I often ask anyone who will listen.

One such time, I turned to my best friend and business partner, the other half of this blog — Miss Nicole Michele Boucher — and she had the best, most succinct thing to say. Whereas I’ve always sent long, rambling, borderline apologetic emails inquiring about the status of a late payment, she advised me to be succinct and forward and strong.

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oh, hello.

oh, hello.

would you believe me if i said that this image of a Rochas boot is the first and only thing that has inspired me to post ANYTHING since MARCH 6 (in which i promised you guys WE WOULDN’T DISAPPOINT YOU?) #awkward

this boot is everything. sleek black, chunky heeled, ankle-height, snakeskin perfection. it’s Fall and it’s glam and it’s just retro enough. also, i’m pregnant with a baby boy due in december, ethan moved in with us in brooklyn, we moved to south slope, and i lost and regained my job. BYE!*

*not for over 6 months again, i promise for real.


tulum house.we’re back from tulum (for marlyn’s bachelorette! more to come) and it was beautiful. please bear with us and our lack of posting while we figure out the direction in which our blog (and our lives) are headed. we will not disappoint you.

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