tulum house.we’re back from tulum (for marlyn’s bachelorette! more to come) and it was beautiful. please bear with us and our lack of posting while we figure out the direction in which our blog (and our lives) are headed. we will not disappoint you.

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new england in the fall.

come october, i find it hard to believe there is any place so idyllic as just about anywhere in new england is. now, new england in january – another story. but fall is something new england nails. the brightly colored trees, the charming farm animals, the freshly made and still burning hot in your hand donuts – all followed by a crisp brew in a cozy pub… well, it is almost just too much for me to bear.

(pics snapped during a perfect weekend at home in massachusetts with my family and friends. in addition to the apple picking excursion, five 30-ish old pals had a sleepover, soon-to-be babies and birthdays were celebrated, homemade chili was eaten, and general coziness was had. ‘bye now.)

homecoming weekend in waddington.

four hundred miles away, separated from canada by the st. lawrence river, exists a town called waddington where dave’s dad’s family lives. every summer on the first weekend of august, they welcome friends and family for a slice of small-town U.S.A. so delicious it cannot even be described. let’s just say there were plentiful boat rides, naps, simple meals, bar hops, bike rides, trampoline jumps and about a million refreshing swims in the river. needless to say, being at work today is all kinds of NOT FUN.