i am a warrior.


My heart is made of steel. My swords and armor and all-around talismans of survival: These four gold bangles, each representing that which matters to me most. From top to bottom but in no particular order: New York*, home**, my love*** and travel****.

Keep strong and carry on.


*NM & AK each have same one. Exact origin fuzzy: Plucked from sample closet? Originally part of AK’s arsenal of accessories?

**Ashley gave this Kate Spade bangle to me for my birthday. She and Molly have the same one.

***Brian gave this gold Giles & Brother to me on our wedding day.

****Purchased at a dusty boutique in Mumbai, India.


i need a haircut! (well, truthfully, i need to remove my over-two-months-old wedding hair extensions.) below is my collarbone-length blonde inspiration. what do you think? also: am i crazy for feeling like i need to be super-skinny to have shorter hair, whereas longer hair creates a hiding place for a little extra cushion?


so, i’ve been styling jessica stam as part of (the million other things i do at) my job as style editor of the thread. this is my favorite look from our shoot at the beginning of this week. also: HEY. i have been so god-awful at posting on this blog but that stops now. nb is in IRELAND with brian and i just want her to come back and be proud of me. hope everything is beautiful in your worlds.

the fall boot crunch.

i KNOW. i’m back from getting MARRIED and being on our HONEYMOON and those four words up there are the first i’ve written to you as a married woman. still processing, though. bear with me. there’s lots to say and lots to share and i’m just going to hold onto in in my heart for the tiniest bit longer until i feel ready to release it. plus, my darling nb did such a good job, already.

i bought these little black alligator buckle booties at a paris flea market for €40 on a really good hunt with dave (husband!) and they pretty much haven’t left my feet since. the crisp crunching sound they made as i stomped around the cobble stone streets of the marais, and now as i traipse around brooklyn and manhattan, is so satisfying. as much as i love summer (and i LOOOOVE summer), i welcome the season i arrived back in time to enjoy; the substantial heaviness of feet hitting pavement in fall and all that the sound brings is so different from the lightness of being that sandals and street create.