oh, hello.

oh, hello.

would you believe me if i said that this image of a Rochas boot is the first and only thing that has inspired me to post ANYTHING since MARCH 6 (in which i promised you guys WE WOULDN’T DISAPPOINT YOU?) #awkward

this boot is everything. sleek black, chunky heeled, ankle-height, snakeskin perfection. it’s Fall and it’s glam and it’s just retro enough. also, i’m pregnant with a baby boy due in december, ethan moved in with us in brooklyn, we moved to south slope, and i lost and regained my job. BYE!*

*not for over 6 months again, i promise for real.

on how many different levels is it sad…


…that seeing Serena’s wedding dress in the series finale of Gossip Girl elicited a deep and visceral reaction from me, so much so that I actually rewound it like four times to look at the whole shebang in detail again? I mean. I’m already married (woo), this dress would have had no place in Vermont, I am not 25 or 26 or however old she is, and the dress itself is vaguely ludicrous. BUT. But. I can’t help imagining the wedding that might have been had this been my dress.


crazy girl.