up, up & away

…in celebration of the ol’ one year anniversary, brian & i decided to take to the sky. in a hot air balloon.* and: it was awesome. and exhilarating, and hilarious, and, all in all, a sweet and romantic eve.

(*i may or may not have demanded suggested that brian remember that, for this first anniversary and forever after, each anniversary must be an Event on which i/we do/ get something ridiculously awesome. and so, husband of mine: well played. well played, indeed.)

one year ago today…

i married the cutest, weirdest, most infuriating little nugget. a life partner who sees life just as i do: a fun adventure. best choice i ever made.

(above: us, now, ditch plains beach in montauk. did an image switch-a-roo once i realized how unappealing the original one i posted in my sun-drunk haze yesterday was.)


[in which i demonstrate, via staged photograph, my calm yet excited state over my one-month-away wedding]

david george rivera and i are getting married one month from tomorrow! holy shit. how did this happen? i’m going to be a WIFE.

*updated to add: i’m beaming at a stack of reply cards.

**is bridal brain a thing?