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Cross-posting this from my Instagram account because LET IT BE SAID HENCEFORTH AND FOREVERMORE: If I have given the impression that my life is not filled with babies eating paint, kids having unfortunate accidents during nap time, breaking up physical fights and emotional fights, babies crying and pulling at the leg of my pants while I cook dinner that at least one person will declare disgusting before tasting it, battling about screen time, hearing someone beg for mommy while I am on the toilet so infrequently it’s a wonder I don’t have a UTI and checking to see if anyone is watching me unstick a scrap of quesadilla from a high chair before eating it its because compared to the hellfire that is our current world reality I find my grievances distasteful to air. Everything is temporary, is a parenting mantra I have found to be most true and effective; the bad moments will pass but so too will the good ones, and too quickly or maybe we won’t even be lucky enough to get to live to see them all. Going to work, staying home, doing both somehow: these things can all be temporary in the course of a life. But I guess if I use my space on Earth to only share the good, I am leading some people to believe that I don’t have days where I am sad, anxious, confused about my identity or generally lonely and it’s not truthful. FYI.


this feels like an age where it is Official. i should probably cut my hair to some sort of bob thing. and invest in more breezy, knee-grazing dresses. and only wear cut-off shorts at the beach.

despite this actual real and semi-scary and awakening move into what is legit old age, i can’t help but feel grateful, so fucking grateful for the wonderful women i have in my life, who hold me up and support me and send loving vibes throughout every minute of my day. for my family who cares about everything that happens to me, big or small. for my husband, and the realization that i can barely even bring myself to acknowledge that maybe we made it after all. that at one point, everything was torn away and burned down and nothing went as planned, yet everything somehow did go as planned, because here we are, me thirty six, living in the greatest city in the world, doing work that means a lot to me, along side a partner who believes in the same great future i do, and raising the sweetest, mushiest, silliest, sassiest meatball of a daughter.

whatever happens next  – whatever other shoe may drop – i’ll at least have this moment of reflection on my thirty sixth birthday to hold dear, when all was quietly right in an imperfect way in my world.

( fyi, it has now been 36 days since i turned 36, and i am just posting this now. and so it goes.) 

How Are You Feeling?

While we’re all working out how to feel about the election results, we figured we’d take a break from typing, deleting and occasionally posting angry Facebook comments to share this quote from Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.”

We don’t have to accept this. It wasn’t just politics. This isn’t the difference between left or right, its the difference between good and evil.

For starters, we’re planning on showing up with our fellow feminists at the Women’s March On Washington on January 21, 2016. Who is coming with us?

To (Re)Read, Guys: A Moveable Feast


I’ve always loved to read. (COOL STORY, right? Bear with me.) My mother used to drop me off at the library when I was 8 or 9 with an actual brown-bagged lunch, and I’d spend the day alone, tearing through book after plastic-covered book, like the wildly popular kid I so clearly was. (Have actually thought about this a lot lately and often wonder if that was appropriate? Leaving a youngish child unattended for a five-hour stretch in a public place? Eh, it was New Hampshire, I guess.*) Nowadays my time at the library is spent taking advantage of the free WiFi, and my time reading is limited to the five or so minutes I can keep my eyes open after crawling into bed—but, oh Lordy, what a glorious five minutes those are.

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