Nice to meet you.

12th and A was our first home in NYC. Located on a dusty block in the East Village, our fifth floor walk-up had hot pink walls and a shower in the kitchen. We moved in together as roommates shortly after meeting as fellow assistants in the fashion closet at Lucky (RIP), and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Today, Nicole still lives in the East Village with Brian, her husband of approximately one thousand years, and Bailey, her daughter. Ariel, her husband Dave, and their three boys move to a new Brooklyn apartment within a one square mile radius approximately once per calendar year. We might not share a sink-less bathroom anymore, and we may be old as shit, and we may not be able to play or work as hard as we once did, but, hell, we do still love over-sharing just about everything, big and small, with y’all right here every so often. It’s where we write what we want to write when we have time to write (and aren’t getting paid to publish said writing elsewhere). (Hence the “every so often.”)

-Nicole Boucher & Ariel Rivera

fullsizerender(This is not a snap from anytime in the recent past. Thinking circa 2011? Lindsey’s bachelorette? It does kind of sum it all up, though.)