holy hell.


i am working with these two kickass women for a project at work – and i am obsessed. the two pals actually did what we all dream of doing: quit their fast-paced NYC jobs, then upped and moved to the country to do what they love. which is to cook. and write cookbooks. and to end each day with a cocktail.

my version of this dream: to move to a place where i don’t have to wear shoes, and can spend my mornings writing over coffee and sunshine, and my nights laughing over cold local beers and live music.

…any takers?

2 thoughts on “holy hell.

  1. Suz says:

    Um, yes. That sounds lovely.

    My version involves owning a little B&B by the ocean, that would include delicious food and a cute boutique filled with beautiful, crafty, locally made things.

    Lets make it happen.

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