we chanted that probably 400 times on saturday after leaving the heavenly stone fox bride! (missed you, nb!) marlyn – – badass bride extraordinaire, who ate a celebratory CHEESESTEAK on the street immediately after purchasing her WEDDING DRESS, and one of my oldest and dearest bffs – – chose a dress at the FIRST place she went and, like, ON THE SPOT. i wish i had cojones like that. anyway, she looked so beautiful, and i am so so so thrilled to have the honor of standing up with her in 158 days as she marries her awesomely funny and sweet dude: mikey. brides: go to stone fox bride! pics of the bride and her entourage, the ethereal, fantastical decor, and AK and karen drunk on sofia cans, below. love you, mar! xx

bride and entourage. veils. rug. sparkly tassels. bridal teepee. flowers. another sick rug.  karen and ak.beautiful tree.bridal cheesesteaks.




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