in honor of dave & ariel’s TEN DAY anniversary

a peek back at some sweet moments from the day my little bestie pal got hitched. it was the most wonderful day, the most wonderful weekend and just so… yes, wonderful to see and feel all the sweet love just overflowing everywhere. it was also one hell of a party. (as in: one moment not captured here: ariel and i inexplicably standing on a picnic table outside the hotel at sometime past 3am the night of.)

sweet flower smiles. The Bus Ride, during which little E ran up and down the aisle between ariel and dave. bridesmaids, contemplating ariel as a married woman (and what a sweet venue they chose). the bride, moments before taking her dad’s arm and heading down to the beach. the Main (Perfect, Twinkly, Beachy, Romantic) Event. the entertainment post-wedding, pre-bus.

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