reason #44554433 i adore summer


That would be the bracelet-clad hands of me, Moll, Carrie and Alexis on one of the best sunny little Sundays of late. Went home to Massachusetts for the weekend, and instead of immediately high-tailing it back to the city that Sunday per our norm, we hit up good ol’ Canobie Lake Park – AKA the only claim to fame my small hometown of Salem, NH can boast. We’ve all been going there since we were born (or, in the case of Carrie and Alexis, BEFORE we were born – there are many a preggo pic of my mom there with those of us already in the world), and it was such a blast to go on all of the rides we remember from growing up. Even more fun to finally show Brian what all the hoopla is about. Happy sweet summertime, yo.

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