smell like a vacation.

before we begin, please sing my title to the tune of “walk like an Egyptian” — you’re welcome. so, my bachelorette party weekend is over (photos to come!) (i hate being back!) and it was perfect beyond my wildest dreams. there was exquisite weather, there were tropical frozen drinks, there were girly sleepovers in sandy sheets. there was sweaty salsa dancing to live music, late-night ocean-wading, copious rice-and-beans eating, and very, very loud and frequent hysterical laughing. there was rooftop lounging, tipsy body-surfing and incredibly loud abandoned-beach singing.

i miss it so. which is why my bath + beauty routine is such a savior in the battling end-of-vacation blues department. for as long as i can remember (and afford), i’ve worn some combination of the above products to smell like coconuts and sunscreen with a hint of pure, clean, soap. all it takes is a light breeze and i’m intoxicated by my own damn scent, people. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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