weekend snippets

Would that I expressed any single inclination in taking a photo other than pulling out ye iPhone from time to time to capture things that were just too amazing not to. Hence the above inspiring words of wisdom on the walls of our room poolside cabana, Moll & Leo blowing out their birthday candles in honor of the big 3 – 0, a staggeringly gorgeous sunset, and me, rather tipsily pointing out stripes that randomly resemble the sole pair of swim trunks Brian rocks. (Such is so the case that Danielle, on her own, pointed out the coincidence. [Note to self: Buy husband new swim trunks.]) What is not shown here, however, is the as-always non-stop ridiculousness that was the bulk of our weekend. And for that, my friends, I am glad.

Quappy Birthday, Leo [today] & Moll [Friday]!!

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