my wealth.

[photo by dave rivera]

it’s easy to lament what i’ve not got, especially in my industry; especially in new york. but it’s important to be thankful for all the good, because there’s quite a bit. a wealth of love, of challenge, of family. my wealth.

i’m healthy and i’m strong. i have love to give, and i give it. gone are the insecure days of my early twenties; i feel deserving, but i still practice humility. i’ve got a voice and i use it. it’s a good life, and it’s mine.

i have a love who asked me to love him for the entire rest of our time on this planet. it blows my mind, this promise. this love.

i have a stepson who unlocked a part of my heart i didn’t even know existed. the curiosity of his mind, his imaginative spirit, that he shares it with me and the way i see the world now. i’m thankful for this gift, and i’m inspired to create future um, gifts, with his father.

i have an incredibly tight-knit family who i LOVE, who are supportive, challenging, and dynamic. my heart aches each time i realize i’ve done something the way my mom or dad do things. in a lot of ways, my brother still gives me the pleasure of being his older sister, but we are excellent friends, too.

i have IN-LAWS! the ultimate grown-up inheritance. they raised the perfect man for me. they’ve welcomed me into their lives and they’re invested in ours.

i have friends with the most beautiful souls. my chosen sisters. each one so special in her own loving way.

i have a crazy old grandmother who will stand up at my wedding as my matron of honor. grandma ellie and our indescribable bond.

i have loving family and old family-friends all over the country who brighten my day every now and then, whose lives are distant but woven still, into the fabric of my life.

i have creativity! i have the urge and means to travel. i have the taste for exotic food, good music and epic adventure. i have brooklyn. i have new york. i have the beach. i have an interesting career. have. have. have.

there are haves and there are have-nots and i have plenty.

happy friday! enjoy what you have, for every minute you have. xx

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