like, BIKES!

this morning i just COULD. NOT. FACE. the thought of furiously and sweatily climbing the stairway to nowhere (using the stairmaster) even though i’ve found, for me, it’s the most time-effective way to hit my daily cardio quota (earn my daily bagel). instead of rolling over and going back to sleep as i am wont to do in these situations, i actually got up, grabbed the bike, hauled it down 3 flights of stairs and pedaled a loop around prospect park and back in thirty highly energized, glorious minutes. lest you think i’m gloating, i assure you i’m not; i’m simply documenting a positive choice that i know one day will inspire me when i think back on it from deep under my fluffy duvet when i inevitably fight the urge to go be active.

[all images from my pinterest page]

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