reggae FRIDAY.

look at bob marley. the easy way he smiles; the sweet, soothing sounds of his music – – that’s what i look to reggae for. my first memory of hearing reggae is when i was a young kid, probably under 10 years old, with my family on a beach in either long beach or island park, not far from where i grew up in atlantic beach, and there was live reggae on in this outdoor beachfront restaurant. they were having a reggae dance contest and my uncle grabbed my hand and ran up to the stage with me and told me, “just feel the music; the crazier you dance, the better,” or something like that and we just danced around with the hot sun on our skin and it was such a blast.

the weather is beautiful, there’s a long weekend ahead of us. if you’re on a computer in an office, like i am, head over to such a great radio station with an awesome selection of reggae and other genres, too. and pretend you’re instead at any of the locales below. HAPPY WEEKEND!

[all images from my pinterest boards]

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