found: secondhand embarassment on pinterest.

let me begin with 2 caveats: 1. i LOVE pinterest, the online file cabinet for inspiration. (follow my pinterest boards!) 2. there is nothing wrong with loving someone a ridiculous amount and expressing it. in fact, i encourage it!

BUT THESE PHOTOS! WHERE are these guys’ testicles! literally, if dave agreed to be photographed like this, i’d just fucking curl up into a ball and die. please enjoy these gems i found under the weddings + events category.

MY dandelion wish is that i am killed, execution-style, after this photoshoot!

superman that ho!

we chickened out of the mustache finger tattoos, but everyone will still understand that we're hipsters.

if we hold this pose long enough, maybe my boys wont notice this isn't a real gallery and kick my fucking ass.

bee stings are the worst. thank GOD we're posed this way.

i hate myself so much.

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