and: honeymoon booked.

all of it, finalement. which would make sense since, you know, we are leaving 36 days from today. NBD. the last hotel was the hardest for me to bite the bullet on in terms of booking: i just couldn’t decide what i wanted. party nightlife on the beach or quiet nothingness on the beach. (life is hard, i know.) i opted for the latter, choosing the haadtien resort, which is a five minute moped ride away from the bustling scene at sairee beach. so, hotels booked, internal transport (flights, ferries, slowboats, hired car) arranged, new passport in hand, i’d say we are about ready to get this party started! although my favorite thing about going on such a trip might be right now: the light happy living of life that comes just before leaving…

(also: i feel okay (read: not that obnoxious) posting this because, sadly, before we know it, it will somehow be january and we will all be in the same snow-y boat. plus i am missing christmas, which is the most wonderful time of the year.)

One thought on “and: honeymoon booked.

  1. 12thanda says:

    i KNOW i did not just read you justifying being excited for your HONEYMOON and sharing the lovely details with us, you incredibly deserving crazy chick!

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