…to spring 2003, when a whole slew of people from our london study abroad program headed to the fair city of amsterdam for a weekend of “fun”. bri and i both went, but he stayed with his guys, and i stayed with my girls–albeit in the same hostel. within two hours of arriving, everyone was a mess from eating spacecakes, and we girls somehow lose the guys, and decide to venture out on our own. when we come back to the hostel, just a wee bit worse for the wear,  we find this sad, ridiculous little note taped to our door.


(my pal [and college roommate] alyssa texted brian, elliot and i this picture the other day for a walk down memory lane. needless to say, it made my day.)

One thought on “flashback

  1. AB says:

    hahahahahah this made my day too! so funny, and so college. makes me miss everyone! Can we just go back and do your wedding all over again?!

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