since the day i got hitched, the question most people ask me (aside from: how’s married life?) (which i don’t mind being asked, btw, because it’s lovely) is: are you so sad the wedding is over? and the answer is not a bellowing-from-the-rooftops HELL MOTHERF-NG NO like i thought it would be at one time. (nor is it, mind you, a wistful yes, either.) no, my response is an annoyingly content half smile-shrug, because the answer to the question lies somewhere in the middle. i am glad it happened, it was the best weekend ever, but i am glad to get back to my normal life.

that said: here i am, dismembering my wedding binder. finding myself feeling, well yes, wistful as i toss out my scribbled-upon table plans, my millions of loose fabric swatches, my test menus, my inspiration magazine tears. huh. it really is all over. SOBSOBSOSBOSBSOBSOSBSOBSOSBOSBSOBSOBSOSBOSBSOBSOSOB.

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