why join the navy when you can be a pirate?

that’s something steve jobs once said.

i mean, we’ve all received the same advice since we were kids. follow your heart, do what you love. hard work prevails. stand out from the crowd, be yourself. but who actually LIVES those words with every fiber of his being, unafraid of consequence, unwavering in his commitment to his passion?

from a girl who owns a 2005 Powerbook G4 that doesn’t work unless it’s connected to a power source, has TWO broken iPods in her possession and loves yet still hasn’t yet bought herself that beautiful iPhone, i’m still incredibly sad about the death of steve jobs, though i understand how very lucky i am to have come of age in a world that he touched.

the below photo from jobs’ last keynote address knocks the wind out of me. and i continue to think about what he once said of matters of the heart that dave actually posted on his blog today. my heart goes out to his wife, family and friends.

[photos from elephant journal]

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