i’ve gotta hand it to NB

who so always oh-so-sweetly reminds (convinces?) me that when i’m feeling a little chunky, that i am, and i quote from a recent email: “[…] a beautiful woman with a beautiful body, and a nice rack and great gams in particular! AND you know how to rock ’em like no other.” i wish more women would tell one another things like this, instead of being like, for example, my parents (whom i LOVE), whose responses are usually something like, “stop drinking!” or, “why don’t you go to the gym?” THANKS, MOM AND DAD. anyway.

what if i could combine this knowledge (insistence?) with the spring 2012 upper midriff/lower ribcage-revealing trend that is like a marriage of the 1950’s and 1990’s? i happen to love my upper midriff/lower ribcage, as it’s the flattest and narrowest part of my body. below are some looks i’m finding supersexy. do i dare? probably not. but, a girl can dream.

[dolce & gabbana, rebecca minkoff & emilio pucci]

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