last post as a single lady.

welp. here we are.



too much to say to even start. it’s been real, single me. we’ve had a good long run together, and sometimes i am still so amazed, after looking back at all the years and fears and dramatics and highs and lows and late night poem writing and romeo and juliet-watching and laughter and sweetness and deep thoughts and innocence and loss thereof and just me-ness,  to find myself where i am today. i couldn’t be happier, but i also can’t help but bid a wistful adieu to my sixteen-year-old self. my passionate, angry, determined sixteen-year-old self. and my nerdy, whale-loving, neon green-wearing eleven-year-old self, of course.

we’re getting married, girls.

One thought on “last post as a single lady.

  1. Jen says:

    AHH SINGLE NICOLE! I will miss you but I am sure I will love MRS. MARRIED NICOLE even more!!!!! ….. if that’s at all possible to love you more than I already do.

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