if i could turn back time…

… to one year ago, this might just have been the extent of my wedding. me and brian, a flag that says costa rica. (and hopefully actually in costa rica. and with less Dress. and brian in shorts.) [i clearly should have found a better picture, i just don’t have TIME to.] planning a wedding has been one of the most fun and exciting times in my life, don’t get me wrong, and it’s not that anything or anyone is so terrible, it is just the STRESS of managing what inevitably becomes a second job with everything else in your life…. is just unreal. gives you kind of a horrifying peek into life as a real adult, with children and a million other things and not an inch of extra mental space in your brain.

anyhoo.* just venting. i almost said a lot more but i think it is appropriate for me to turn to my moleksin at this point, so as to not horrify our legions of loyal readers with the full contents of the scary place that is called my brain.

*i do feel better though! huh.

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