ahhh. july 14.

aka the random day of the year i always want it to be. the [happy] craze that comes with the onslaught of summer and memorial day and the fourth has died down to a beachy, relaxed, sunny way of life. so you are a little late to work. so you decided to have that eighth beer at midnight and to walk home, stopping for tacos at la esquina along the way. so you are quietly hungover at work, but everyone is leaving you alone and doing their own version of non-work, with a fan gently breeze-ing the office and don henley on pandora. no worries. it’s all fine. it’s summer.

(fyi: the random day of the year in life i hate: mmm… january 22nd, i’d have to say. read this and literally shudder with grateful-ness that it is now and not then.)

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