curled up with a book.

i am so sleepy today, all i want to do is snuggle up in bed with a good book. preferably the newest book club* book: MAINE. the NYTimes book review of the juicy-sounding novel about a few generations of women and their experiences at a new england beach house says, “You don’t want the novel to end in July. You want to stay with the Kellehers straight through to the end of August, until the sand cools, the sailboats disappear from their moorings, and every last secret has been pried up.” can’t wait to devour this one.

also how precious is ethan quietly reading in our bed?

*our book club is HILARIOUS. i don’t think that any of us have ever ALL read the book at a single meeting, no one can even hear what the others are saying ’cause we’re all talking so loudly over one another, no one arrives on time, and one time someone accidentally called it Wine Club because of how apt it felt, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE our book club.

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