the two items in this post are completely unrelated except for 1. their shared main purpose: holding something! and 2. they were both $5 (and under)!

1. i am so excited about this little painted dish from west elm (on sale for $3.99!) to put my new bling on when i’m washing my face or, more accurately, applying self-tanner like a fiend.

2. this is the second day in a row that i’ve brought my lunch to work in this Sistema compartmentalized lunch box thing (although, full disclosure: today i put some corn salad in one of the compartments and it leaked out into my bag which SUCKS and i now either have to bring only dry-ish foods or wrap it in a plastic bag, which is fine i guess). but the thing only cost $5 dollars at the check-out line at old navy, so. cracked pepper turkey &  spicy mustard in a mini-pita, strawberries, and corn salad. now i just have to work on not eating it all before noon.

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