shoutout to my dad.

my dad, in a word, ROCKS. he raised his three girls to believe we could do anything, become anyone, we wanted. he instilled in us all a deep appreciation for travel, good beer and the Red Sox. most of all, he’s strived to teach us the importance of doing good, being kind, and helping others. and so, fast forward to this morning with my dad getting on a plane to haiti for a ten-day mission trip. this after spending the better part of two years fundraising and spreading awareness and leading by example. i’m so proud of him, and, as alexis so perfectly put it, i hope to grow up to be just like him some day.

(above: my dad last october, apple-picking in new hampshire during a Boucher family outing. it should also be said that my mother kicks ass too. and that, together, they raised a pretty kick-ass, loud and loving family. okay, enough of that.)

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