dressing for your body.

i’ve been interested in shmashion since i was super-young and stringing large, colorful wooden beads together to make necklaces that i would wear all at the same time. perhaps the seed was planted when my mama refused to dress me in gender-specific, cookie-cutter little girls’ clothes and instead outfit me like this:

anyway. fast-forward to 19 and i’m interning at vogue and im surrounded by all these whisper-thin models and editors with no boobs and i am flat-out JEALOUS that they can walk around in these tiny wisps of fabric with no bras and i decide — i can do this, too. so the following day i make it all the way to 4 times square in my skirt and light pink tank with no bra and i enter the wardrobe closet and this sweetheart of a fellow intern SHRIEKS and tells me i’m WAY too well-endowed for this look. needless to say, unless the garment is super-constructed on the inside, my 5’4″/34C body and i do not go sans-undergarments. i also, thanks to trial and error and confidence (that came with age & experience), stick to silhouettes and looks that allow me to flaunt what i’ve got. we’re talking clothes with construction that flatter curves. if this sounds similar and friday’s paycheck is burning a hole in your pocket, here are 3 completely random dresses i’m loving that i know will love me, too. [topshop, asos & doo ri].

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