sunday stuffed.

sundays are for staying in bed, discovering and traveling to new cool spots on the sheets and pillows, waking up from really good dreams and getting to go back to sleep and finish them. sometimes sundays are for bike rides but mainly if the destination serves double cheeseburgers or the makings of an imaginative, and highly caloric, dinner. this was the case this sunday. after double cheeseburgers and shack stacks (the new shake shack burger) dave and i pedaled over to agata + valentina (upper east side food mecca) for dinner supplies. we love to have plenty of different bites instead of just one, so naturally we decided on an entire meal of appetizers. a couple hours and a self-imposed quick-fire culinary challenge later, we had ourselves a half a pound of jumbo shrimp with dave’s homemade cocktail sauce, and 8 different kinds of crostini (slice crusty bread of your choice, drizzle with good olive oil, pop in the pre-heated-to-400 oven and top with your choice)  pictured below. there was also a spontaneous but not unwelcome raspberry cheesecake. and the inevitable sunday food coma.

top 2 rows: speck + mozzarella, brie + truffle oil, mozzarella + tomato + fresh black pepper, & cream cheese + speck + fresh black pepper

bottom 2 rows: mozzarella + homemade bruschetta, gorgonzola + honey + speck, & spicy mustard + brie + sliced pairs + fresh black pepper

yeah. this happened.

my man and his food coma.

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