the literal ONLY thing that could make me smile today

is the text I just got from my dad:


And, if you are wondering, yes, I know this tale well, as my sisters and I, to this day, can’t hear it enough: My freshman dad was manning the grill at a dorm BBQ at Florida State, and handed my junior mother a burger from the grill. He chatted her up a bit, and then approached her after said BBQing was done, and asked if she’d have a beer with him. He got them each a beer, and the two hunkered down on the grass to listen to the band playing… just as the band stopped playing. As my dad tells it, he was mortified. As my mom tells it, she thought he was adorable, but didn’t know he was The One until she had a few too many cocktails at a party a couple dates in, and ended up “sleeping” by the toilet (Mom!), and woke up the next morning to find my dad there, too, sound asleep and holding her hand.

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