the CFDA is “disappointed” in MObama?

CFDA press release regarding Michelle Obama wearing British designer Alexander McQueen to the Chinese – American State Dinner as opposed to an American designer, via

CFDA believes in promoting American fashion. Our First Lady Michelle Obama has been wonderful at promoting our designers, so we were surprised and a little disappointed not to be represented for this major state dinner.

COME ON. I don’t actually know if it is possible for the people in our oft-ridiculous industry to take themselves a bit more seriously. It’s a dress! And a RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous one at that! We should be giving props to our First Lady for taking such a bright, red, beautiful risk. Sure, it would have been nice if she had worn an American designer (as she almost always does otherwise), or even a Chinese one (Vera, anyone?), but she didn’t, so move on, people!

One thought on “the CFDA is “disappointed” in MObama?

  1. marlyn says:

    AMEN sister! it is a wonderful dress and the color was extremely appropriate for the occasion… how quickly american designers take offense to such a decision instead of seeing it as a beautiful gesture to honor a recently departed talent!

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