read this blog

and try not to die at how freakin’ cute it is. called ‘to my wife‘, the dude who writes it leaves little notes to his future wife.

faves include:

I’VE GOT Several big sweaters in my 2nd drawer, they’re at your disposal if you’re chilly.

ON THE STREET It’s icy, grab my hand. If I go down you’re coming with me.

OUR CAR I hope you like Wranglers.

CHRISTMAS MORNING French toast? Yah, that’s what I thought. Nom nom nom.

WHEN WE LAND In the Caribbean for whatever reason, I promise I will never clap. I’ll roll my eyes with you at the people who do.

… i need to stop, otherwise i will repost the entire blog. a collective MEH. (and i shall refrain from mentioning that he sounds like my dream guy, since i have already found mine. ahem.)

3 thoughts on “read this blog

    • Suzanne says:

      Lemme take that back. I don’t hate ALL of the ‘To My Husband’ blog. Just a lot of it. But certain posts like “When In Doubt… ask, “What would Jay-Z and Beyonce do?”” make up for the gross ones.

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