jury duty.

finally back after a week away at 100 centre street for jury duty. yes, i was one of 14 people selected to serve on a jury. what can i say: i cannot tell a lie, and i am a fair person by nature. thus i am the Ideal Juror.

jury duty is, alternately, boring, interesting, cool, proud-to-be-an-American-inducing and, ultimately, surprisingly emotional. emotional as in when the foreperson (ie. head juror) announced that we the jury had reached a verdict of not guilty, and the defendant and his girlfriend and even the lawyers all teared up and couldn’t contain their relief. i mean: we’d just reshaped the life of this young man. (a young man who, by the way, might actually be guilty of gun possession as charged, but there was just not enough evidence to put him away for 5-10 years. innocent until proven guilty and all.)

anyway. ’twas interesting. and now back to what really matters in the world: clothes, naturally. (who me, sarcastic?)

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