i freakin’ LOOOOVE christmas. love it.

BUT. Does anyone else find “Grown Up Christmas List” to be THE most annoying holiday song? It is November 30th and I have already heard it one too many times. (That one time too many being this morning during my first cheery foray to the Christmas music 24/7 radio station.) But people (like, ahem, my sister Carrie) just love it.

Or (Oh god, I forgot):  “Christmas Shoes”.  No. That might be worse. I wanna buy these shoes, for my momma, please…


One thought on “i freakin’ LOOOOVE christmas. love it.

  1. Jen says:

    ahhahahahaha that Christmas shoe song kills me!!!!! and… sorry to say.. Feliz Navidad is up there on my list… only cause they play it every 5 minutes… and songs with no words for me to belt out to..

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