fun fact: brian and prince william share the exact same birthday. i’ve long teased brian that he and ol’ will are living parallel lives, a typical American guy and British royal, because don’t you get the sense that william is normal, and funny, and enjoys a good beer, but just happens to be a prince? i do. and i love that he and kate have been together forever, like brian-and-i-forever, and seem pretty chill, and have had their ups and downs and come through it all on top and in love (like, well, brian and i). so when i found out they were OFFICIALLY engaged, per a royal announcement, i got the kind of excited you get when you find out two dear friends of yours are engaged, and wish we could call them up and scream excitedly over the phone and then take them out for many beers to celebrate. but since this is clearly not the case, a shout out on our wimpy little blog will have to suffice. congrats, guys!

(…and yes, i realize i live in a imaginary dream world of epic and perhaps scary proportions.)

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