the bride wore vera.


1. is my best friend and once when we were living together in our second apartment, she tiptoed into my room wearing a ballet flat on one foot and a stacked heel on the other, and without bothering with pleasantries asked, “heels? flats?” over and over and over again until i finally sweetly shrieked an answer at her. [this was a tuesday morning work outfit conundrum. so you can imagine the panic i felt when i got a barrage of picture texts saturday afternoon from the vera wang sample sale of nicole wearing a WEDDING DRESS — possibly HER WEDDING DRESS. i willed the train from long island back to manhattan to please, please, PLEASE go faster. miraculously, i managed to catch her in time. well, HOLY massive body-shaking mortifying romantic comedy-esque tearful sob.]

2. is the effortlessly beautiful girl standing in the ransacked showroom with an incredulous is-this-actually-happening smirk on her face, getting dagger eyes from all the brides in the room who greedily want the dress she’s wearing.

3. couldn’t care less if she wears vera wang at her wedding, but now that she is, smiles lazily at no one and everyone, clutching tightly at what she barely knew she always wanted.

3 thoughts on “the bride wore vera.

  1. Jen says:

    You are such a cute little bundle of joy!!! AGH when can I see the gloriousness???

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