i’m scared.

I’m dragging Alexis, Nicola and perhaps Karen to the Vera Wang bridal sample sale tomorrow. I’m actually not sure I can envision a worse way to spend a lovely November Saturday: in midtown, standing in line for three hours, and then battling crazy, half- naked bridezillas for dresses in a hot and crowded showroom. BUT, that said, what if I do find My Dress? For, oh, $850, instead of $4000?*

So yeah, lest that thought haunt me for the next year, I am just going to man up and go. After three or four cocktails, of course. Wish me luck.

*Gah! I almost posted some pictures of the dresses I am hoping (but not expecting) to find, and then remembered that Brian must never see even the idea of the dress I want til I walk down ye olde aisle. This wedding stuff, man… all these rules. Also: how horrifying is this picture? I think it is real!

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