(great, great, great) great migrations.

has anyone seen this, yet? nb, this is similar to what i felt back when we used to watch that Everest show in our first apartment. it’s just FASCINATING. like, for example, the millions and millions of monarch butterflies who migrate from central mexico to north america after each winter, reproducing as a generation THREE TIMES before they head back down to do it all over again.
and, since it’s on the national geographic channel, the shots and the cinematography are AMAZING. think hyper-slowed down chase scenes, tiny nuances shot from super-close range (how DO they get so close?!), and beautiful imagery. makes me want to go on African safari sooooooo so so so so so badly. someone please take me on African safari. thanks.

ALSO. the elephant seal is quite possibly the ugliest animal on this planet. poor guy.

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