embarrassment of riches.

at least, by biking, we burned calories between feedings?

good MORNING, momofuku milk bar compost cookie!

good day, bacon cheeseburger slider with grilled onions from mark burger.

ni hao, pork + chive dumplings (pork buns, and chive and egg pancakes, let’s be honest) from vanessa dumpling!

thank you, lower east side bike polo players, for the hours of stomachache-distracting entertainment…

…allowing us to arrive at The Filling Station at Chelsea Market (among other establishments) where we sampled delicious imported salts and oils. Because, yes. sometimes it becomes necessary to DRINK OIL from a cup.

then we hit Eataly, the scariest place on planet earth. the doughy, chewy, melty, gooey, tangy focaccia was DOPE. as were the procuitto panini and the cheese samples. don’t worry: after a stop at upper east side food mecca Agata + Valentina for homemade lobster ravioli, we arrived home to arrange ourselves a feast. ’cause, DAMNNNN we were hungry.

i wish i remembered the names of any of these cheeses or meats, or even the wine. you’ll notice, however, that i plated them from hard to soft (NERD ALERT).

THE END. fetal position. food hangover.

photos: ggeatsnyc, nycstreeteats, theeatenpath, wsj, nytimes, ruthreichl, me.


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