life is starting to get crazy again.

and in a tipsy facebook-stalking spree last night, i stumbled across this rando pic (one i have NEVER laid eyes on before, mind you) in the depths of my sister alexis’s profile photo album. ’tis me (uh, obviously) on vacation with my family during the summer of…. 2007? (wow.) we all flew out to seattle, rented a car, and cruised the pacific northwest for two weeks. for a few days we holed up in a little cabin on a mountain ranch in the middle of nowhere, deep in the pine-y mountains, with nary a person around (except for us), and spent days walking around and reading in the sun and nights playing cards and drinking beer.

so yeah. needless to say, wish i could take an hour or two (or eight) off from today and magically transport back there. the warm sun, the quietly rustling breeze and otherwise utter silence, save for chirping bird here and there….

weep. squared.

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