that said…

i am loving a lot of spring, and am finding myself scouring excitedly this season, as opposed to the fall collections where i did so wearily and out of a sense of duty to know what is going on. maybe because i just like pretty & lightweight things more than heavy and brrr-y pieces. one show i out-of-the-blue-ly really liked was christian cota. just seemed a bit unexpected, and a refreshing step away from the whole preppy, steven alan aesthetic that i love but that has been the steady norm for a bit now. (although it has to be said that the looked i liked from christian cota, i LIKED, and the ones that i did not like, i did NOT like. if that makes sense.)

One thought on “that said…

  1. Jen says:

    Epiphany! Now I know why I always think fall looks humdrum but Spring always gets me so giddy and happy… I say we wear summer clothes all year long. x

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