so there was indeed one of those Situations…

… we almost missed the boat. Literally. What happened was, we all (Mother excluded, of course) got a little too excited at the sheer amount of superfun bars that lined Duval Street in Key West, and what with the heat and, er, the booze itself, fast forward to the above four of us debating the role of grandparents in a child’s life (?) over a plate of fries in a drunken stupor, and my dad casually mentioning, with zero urgency, that it was “quarter of 6.” To which we three replied : “WHAT! We were supposed to be ON the damn boat fifteen minutes ago!” So: We sprint to the boat, get lost en route to the boat, finally approach said boat with all stewards yelling for us to “RUN” and passengers already on boat clapping and cheering that we made it, and my Mother waiting in her stateroom, ready to kill us. Oops. Was fun tho!

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