come sail away

Yes, ok, I know: 2010 is, so far, the Year Nicole Went On Too Many Vacations. (Well, according to my work, I suspect; I personally don’t think there is such a thing.) This vacation, this little cruise I am about to embark (literally) upon with my crazy family, is a special one, though. It is a last hurrah for the Boucher Five: my Mom and Dad, sisters Carrie (three years younger than me) and Alexis (six years younger), and, uh, me. Our family vacations over the years have been legendary (to us, anyway), and somehow just brimming with absolutely ridiculous situations that I am convinced only happen to my family.

(The memory that ran through my head as I wrote the above sentence: A three week cross-country drive, the five of us crammed in a wood-paneled minivan, when I was in fifth grade, spanning from North Dakota to Oklahoma to Texas to Florida and back to New Hampshire. At one point in Nebraska, wild burros starting chasing our van, licking the snow salt off of our windows, which naturally gave five-year-old Alexis the brilliant idea of opening the sliding door to let the burros in the van. Chaos then, of course, ensued, with big burro heads poking into our bags of snacks and trying to climb in while the three of us screamed and scrambled to the back until my dad managed to speed up and lose them.)

My point is: Things are changing. Despite our best intentions, we are growing up. Me, with my new bling; Carrie, with her new house; Alexis, with her new diploma and plans to move to NYC.

And so, off we go, one last time, just the five of us.

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