i need an apartment fairy godmother

Every few months, I remember that I have a pretty apartment–well, the POSSIBILITY of a pretty apartment if I just allotted just a bit of my time or money into MAKING it pretty. On my (two-plus years running) to-do list? Buying a large, large, large mirror for the wall just next to the kitchen. Painting ye olde black and white stripes. (NO, I still have not done that.) Toile-ing the wall behind my bed in a soft, peachy-red print. Buying this headboard for said bed. Wallpapering the wall behind my couch, perhaps with the gorgeous black-and-white floral paper above.

So, uh… accepting donations, in the form of time and or money. (And please do not ask me why I am obsessing about all of this now, of all times. Perhaps it is a nesting thing? Is this what that is/ means?)

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