in boston for little sis’s graduation and then: hsn, florida. THAT’s where i’ve been.

My baby sister, all grown up. And me and my other sister looking like schluppy twins. (I had just arrived from New York; not sure what HER excuse is. Ha.)

My father, looking breathtakingly nerdy in one of the hats BU gave out to shield graduation-goers from the sun. Behind him is West Campus, one of two freshman dorms at BU. Ah, the memories.

Melissa in the greenroom at HSN HQ in St. Pete's, FL... seconds before she went on-air, live, and kicked ass.

The Don, AKA our home base whilst in St. Pete. It was a really stressful and difficult work trip.

NOT. Was actually a glorious mini-vaca. Worked three hours each day, then... beach, booze, boss bonding. Not bad, my friends, not bad.

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