speaking of flo-flo….

i myself just got off the plane from the sunshine state. (i know, ak and i have tough lives.) bri and i flew down to spend a weekend with my pals from good ol’ nh. and what i primarily got out of the weekend is that we may be old as hell (how did this happen??) but that some things will, thank god, never change.

a peek into our saturday, most of which was spent boozing on a boat (which, as all of you surely know, is me at my happiest).

the beginning, circa 12pm: pre-boat. lots of food, berrrs and sunshine. and sobriety.

the middle, circa 5:30: freshly post-boat at this bar amazingly called banana boat. significant, but not excessive, inebriation at this point.

the end, circa 10? 11? ?: ’nuff said.

(actually, scarily, this is a lie: this is NOT the end of the night. we stayed out for about four more hours AFTER this shot was taken, but we were too preoccupied with downing completely unnecessary irish car bombs, backing darrell’s car into other cars [whoops on so many levels] and, finally, dancing jersey shore-style at some ridiculous outside club under the stars to take more pics.)

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